Other Ways To Help

Obviously we are here to sell shirts. Everyone wins here. We all need clothing, so why not have it go to a good cause? But if that isn’t in the cards for you, there is plenty you can do to help support us or some of our favorite charities. You could help spread the word by liking our page on facebook or follow us on instagram. Word of mouth is hugely important and really makes a difference, so anything you can do in that regard is amazing!

Below is the information for our favorite charities, focusing on teenagers and young adults. Also you will find the information for the Maxx H. Wendell scholarship at Dominican University, the reason why Destroy Cancer exists today.


Charities We Recommend

The Maxx H. Wendell Scholarship

To directly donate to the Maxx H. Wendell Scholarship you can visit www.dominican.edu/makeagift. Please type “Wendell Scholarship” in the comments field on the online form. That is the only way the school has of designating your gift to Maxx’s fund.

If you write a check instead, it should include the same notation on the memo line and can be mailed to the “Office of Advancement” at 50 Acacia Ave, San Rafael 94901