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In 2007, I lost one of my best friends to a rare form of Lymphoma. At only 21, it struck me and everyone who knew him incredibly hard. He was absolutely irreplaceable, and left a huge mark in the short time he was here. Terribly enough, as unique as Maxx was, this situation is not unique at all. The battle against cancer is one so many have to fight.

I have been wanting to do something ever since, but just never quite knew what to do. But his parents had just started The Maxx H. Wendell Scholarship, and I really wanted to help fund it. I run a burger website called Burger and Destroy, and was playing around with that logo one night and it all fell into place. Destroy Cancer was born. I got 36 shirts printed, built a one page website, and spread the word. I paid for the shirts to get printed, and all the money from every order went straight to the scholarship. With those 36 shirts and a few extra donations we raised $692.33 thanks to some generous friends, family, and a few strangers too.

That was just the beginning, and it’s only getting bigger. We are here to make clothing that can make a difference. We aren’t trying to take money away from other charities, we are trying to make clothing people want to buy. It just so happens that all our proceeds go to charity. One thing I found was that there is a serious lack of support for teenagers and young adults fighting cancer. It is hard enough just being that age, so I can’t even imagine what dealing with cancer could be like. There are lots of children’s cancer charities and adult cancer charities, but very few that focus on young adults. I have reached out to as many as I can find and am working to build partnerships with them now. I am real excited at what the future holds for us.

I am no longer alone in this. It is now we. Friends new and old, family, artists, designers & more have joined to make this bigger than I could have imagined, and I’ve got no plans of stopping now.

Thank you everyone. It truly means the world to me.

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