Stupid Cancer

Our innovative and award-winning services serve as a bullhorn to propel the young adult cancer movement forward and our charter is to ensure that no one affected by young adult cancer go unaware of the age-appropriate support resources they are entitled to so they can get busy living.

Stupid Cancer is a great resource for anyone needing support. They have a ton of information and resources, unlike most other organizations. They are also a great resource for connecting with others in similar situations, whether you or a loved one are fighting cancer.

National Collegiate Cancer Foundation

The National Collegiate Cancer Foundation’s mission is to provide services and support to young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer. Our goal is to help these survivors and their families establish a “Will Win” attitude in their fight. NCCF is committed to providing need-based financial support to young adult survivors who are pursuing higher education throughout their treatment and beyond. Furthermore, the Foundation promotes awareness and prevention of cancer within the young adult community.

National Collegiate Cancer Foundation offers scholarships for cancer patients & survivors, and offers one of the most extensive and helpful list of resources.

15-40 Connection

15-40 Connection is an emerging national organization committed to raising awareness about the life-saving advantage of early cancer detection. We empower individuals to take personal responsibility for their health, check themselves for cancer, and take assertive action in response to persistent health changes. We strive to improve cancer survival rates for this overlooked population by providing educational resources, tools, and programming.

15-40 Connection is a great resource pushing for early diagnosis in the 15-40 age range through education and awareness. This age range is most susceptible to thinking their symptoms aren’t that serious, and when they finally get checked out their cancer has progressed to a more advanced stage.

Teen Cancer America

Teen Cancer America partners with hospitals to create youth-oriented centers for those receiving treatment. These units provide peer support and interaction while receiving treatment at in-patient and out-patient clinics.